Monday, April 16, 2007

Random bullets of NYC

  • I was starving when I arrived on Friday night, so Bert and I went to the deli near his apartment to get me a sandwich. While we were waiting for it to be prepared, a gangly, scruffy-looking guy came in. He plunked down first one six-pack of Budweiser, then another. And a package of Saran Wrap. Then a few pounds of flour. And a bottle of vinegar. After watching these items pile up on the counter for several minutes, Bert finally said (archly, drunkenly), "So. . . watcha makin' with all that?" Without missing a beat, the guy turned, locked eyes with him, and said, "CRYSTAL METH." We all burst out laughing.
  • I bought a $900.00 book. Thank you, IRS.
  • After buying said book, Bert and I spent most of Saturday afternoon with Victoria and the Mancunian, scouring midtown for shoes for V's wedding: Prada store, Blahnik boutique, Bergdorf's, Saks, and about five other places I'm forgetting. We hated pretty much every woman we saw there on sight, but the shoes were damn pretty.
  • Jonesy's latest play is fantastic.
  • Post-performance, we went out with Jonesy and her crew, and I had two incredibly large, incredibly strong martinis. This resulted, among other unfortunate things, in my VERY AGGRESSIVELY telling off the guy who was trying to make a move on her and whom I had decided was a total schmuck. Although he's actually sort of a friend of hers. Oops.
  • Other unfortunate things? I was violently and whimperingly sick all the next day. I don't believe that this was purely or even mostly alcohol-related--I must also have eaten something spoiled, or contracted a minor stomach bug. Whatever it was, it was deeply unfun.
  • I did, however, manage to drag myself uptown for the last few hours of a dinner thrown by some of Bert's other friends, for which I was nominally the guest of honor.
  • I have reconfirmed the degree to which I am a champion transportation-based grader: planes, trains, subways--you name it, I grade faster there than seated at a desk.
  • And now? I'm back. And it's still cold. And I still have three weeks of teaching left. But I think I might make it.


Horace said...

-->Drinks are stronger in NYC...I always get schnockered at least once every trip to Manhattan.
-->Unrelated to strong Manhattan drinks (tho' oddly, I had a Manhattan last night) I too spent the day with a stomach bug. It's going around.
-->Sounds like I wanna know about Jonesy's play. I'll email you about it.
-->When I was at GW, the metro was the best place to grade.
-->Welcome back.

Tiruncula said...

W00t for the $900 book! Boo to sickyness. Glad you made it back ok in all of this.

squadratomagico said...

Follow-up blog request: Compose an assignment on the following theme, being sure to include evidence for your claim:

Of the shoes you examined during your visit, which pair would the $900 book wear and why?

I figure a luxury book like that needs a swanky pair of shoes.

jaz said...

Bud, Saran Wrap, flour, and vinegar.

Now, that's an episode of Iron Chef I'd like to see.