Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Observations on my site stats

1. According to Statcounter, my average daily readership for the past few days has jumped phenomenally--increasing by some 60%. And yet, no one new has linked to me. Are my posts on conference-going that much more compelling than my regular fare? Are y'all trying to tell me something?

Well, wherever you're coming from, welcome! I hope you stick around.

2. Secret message to the grad student at INRU who has been spending lots of time on my blog these past few weeks: I'm really glad that your identity was recently made apparent, because I was starting to worry about who you might be. Now that I know, I'm cool with it. But if what you're trying to do is figure out whether we know each other in real life? Yes, we do, although not well.

Small world, huh?


dhawhee said...

interesting. mine has gone way up too--like, doubled--these past few weeks, and like you, no one new is linking to me.

Hieronimo said...

huh... same thing at BtR. Has there been a story on these newfangled things called "blogs" in the NY Times or Chronicle, alerting our elders to their existence?

Anonymous said...

Without knowing how blogger does site stats, I can't say for sure.. but my money would be on a new counting method. Perhaps individual objects, as opposed to whole pages?

Failing that, maybe a major ISP has changed a caching algorithm so now they're loading the "real" page more often, as opposed to pulling it out of a local cache.

Or maybe you're all becoming incredibly popular.


Anonymous said...

or it's the end of the semester and large numbers of people are in hyper-procrastination mode?

gwoertendyke said...

ok, i'm a novice blogger, how does one get site stats?

btw: i've always thought your site funny and smart, i can't imagine conferencing as a topic was responsible for your jump.

Flavia said...


Aren't you sweet!

You can install a statcounter or a sitemeter by going to or and signing up/following the installation instructions; both are free for the basic service. Statcounter is the better of the two, I think--but I have both & I like having both, since they have different formats and thus highlight different information.

Tenured Radical said...


This might be rebound hits from me getting zapped by a conservative zealot over at Tenured Radical -- dunno. But I got 1000 hits yesterday and 600 today, as I got linked to four conservative sites, and they may be going down my list to see if the rest of you are subverting justice......


gwoertendyke said...

thanks so much for the tip--aw

Tenured Radical said...

Flavia: definitely some rebound, since some of these people came back at me later in the day because I had used the phrase "conservative zealot", which I only used here, not on the blog.

Virtual hugs,