Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It occurs to me that I may be just about the only person who regularly sends text messages who ALSO regularly uses semi-colons as punctuation in those messages.*

Anyone else?


*By "regularly" I don't mean "six times per hour," like Those Kids Today--but certainly multiple times per week, or sometimes per day.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

I'm guilty; the treo makes it easy. ;)

Anonymous said...

No, but I do regularly use way too many words and excessively correct punctuation given how long it takes to use both in a text.

As today's Manhattan side note: Who knew you could park an entire moving truck on the 10th floor of a building? In a city where many buildings don't have an elevator *at all*, no less!


jw said...

Quote from one of my students, via IM: "its so cute the way u use caps n grammar n stuff" by which I believe she meant capitals, periods, and actual words instead of "u" and "k?" and other one-word shortcuts. Because in reality, my grammar sucks.

First of all, who tells her instructor that he's cute? Secondly, is grammar really the only thing that makes me cute?

Anonymous said...

How much does each text message cost you?

Flavia said...

Bro & Escalus:

Yes, that's it exactly. I feel so old when I text message: first because I'm not especially fast at it, and second because I'm so anal about making sure everything is capitalized and spelled correctly; I'll also go back and change the punctuation after the fact if it doesn't read right.

And No Blog: I have no idea. I recently got a free Razr phone and a plan upgrade from Verizon (seriously: they called out of the blue and basically forced both of those things on me while I was doing my best to end the call and reject the offer--just because I hate salespeople calling me at home), and I've thus far had enough free texts per month that I either pay nothing or only a few bucks on top of my regular plan.

megan said...

It's definitely not just you, as I also confess to that crime of proper English. I IM and text frequently, but that's part and parcel of being a (late) 20-something in these times.