Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mid-summer update

(Because we now are, in fact, exactly halfway through the summer--if you don't count May, which I see absolutely no reason to do.)

The Home: Generally in good shape after entirely too many days of errands and projects and phone calls to my landlord, the local utility companies, and every creditor on earth who now needs my new address. The only major project that remains is painting, which Bert will be in town in a week or two to help me with. After that, the place just has to sit tight until I have an income with which to finish the furnishing to my satisfaction.

The Car: I have one! Or rather, I almost have one. Despite the fact that I've never owned a car, that I have no interest in owning a car, and that I possess almost zero knowledge about cars, I've just put down a deposit for a brand-new, very-sporty-for-the-price little number that will be arriving next week. And thank God for that: what a waste of time and brain cells the process has been.

The Office: Not much to report here, except that I have an email account and an office assignment (currently inhabited by lecturers, who will no doubt hate me for displacing them), and as of next week I'll also have an ID and library privileges. Even more importantly: my Regional U ID also gives me privileges at the local R1, which is both bigger (duh) and closer to home than my own campus.

The Research: Well. The best I can say here is that I'm finally getting back into the swing of things after a hiatus of fully two weeks. Still, the progress hasn't been bad, and I ought still to have a full month to draft my new chapter, write that book review, and knock out two or three conference abstracts before classes start. (I was also ecstatic to learn that RU has The Longest Winter Break EVER, which means that, hopefully, the work I set aside in late August won't sit around gathering dust until May.)

How's it with you-all?


RageyOne said...

Hey there - It sounds like things are going well for you thus far in your new location. That is wonderful! All is well here in Rageyland. Just tryin' to get the final revisions done on the diss!

Tiruncula said...

Oo oo! What kind of car? What color? And what colors are you going to paint your apartment? (Can you tell I'm a little color-obsessed?)

Hilaire said...

All great news...I think it's awesome that you've been able to write/research at all, considering the move...Good for you! I am watching your progress with interest since I borrowed your plan at the beginning of June. It went well for me in June, when I worked like a fiend, but now I seem to have fallen off the wagon a bit and have gotten nothing accomplished this week. I should remind myself: If you can do it in the midst of all this newness, so should I be able to, in Home City that I know like the back of my hand. Good luck over the next month!

Flavia said...

T: I won't identify the make or model of the car, since it's a bit unusual, but it's a titanium grey. In other words, a metallic, kinda graphite grey.

I actually really wanted the car in one of the two metallic blues that it comes in--light electric blue or a darker, slightly indigo blue--but it's the end of the model year and the only car they could find with the extra-special airbag package was in titanium. Which would have been my third choice anyway!

For the apartment: sky blue (with lotsa white trim) in the main room; a pale mauve in the bedroom; sage green in the study. Don't think I'm painting the kitchen or bathroom, at least not yet.

Anonymous said...

Nice choice in cars! I approve. I think my friend's car is the exact same color. Also, clearly, I cannot be opposed to any kind of titanium silver or grey :)

Now that I have a fancy schmancy desk in my new bedroom, I have to find things to occupy myself on weekends that don't involve buying things with money I don't have!


Tiruncula said...

An unusual car...the mind whirls! So you didn't opt for Standard Cold Climate Lefty Academobile, eh?

The apt. colors sound wonderful. Next time I have someplace I can paint, I want to have a sky blue living room, too. My study is currently a pale periwinkle, but I'm thinking more of a true-but-pale blue next time.