Saturday, June 02, 2012

Fare come fanno i romani

So we made it to Rome, and with the exception of the mosquitoes, who have given us an overly-enthusiastic welcome, everything here is pretty near perfect: the weather, the apartment, the neighborhood.

If this is how the Romans do it, I'm sold. Check it:

A corner of the kitchen, opening onto the terrace

The back of the terrace

The view from the living room

Another view from the living room

So who knows how much I'll be blogging. Unless you're more interested in my adventures in verb conjugation than I imagine--or have a very high tolerance for hearing about bad Italian t.v., the many bottles of wine, prosecco, and limoncello already lining my fridge, or how tiiiired my feet are, there may not be much to report.


Bardiac said...

We DO want to hear all about your visit!

And the apartment looks amazing! It looks like you have a lovely space with surprising privacy in the middle of the city. /jealous!

Z said...

Non solo i romani, così fan tutti (gli italiani)!

jo(e) said...

Ah, photos like that make me want to travel.

Dr. Koshary said...

Please, continue to blog. Consume me with jealousy and envy. :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, please; I want to hear all about the mundanity of living in ROME! And pictures are nice, too. :)

cattyinqueens said...

OMG that is so beautiful and awesome!!! I'd tell you to have a fabulous time, but obviously it would be impossible not to!

Historiann said...

SO envious! Have a great time for all of us stuck at home this summer.