Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Be it resolved

WHEREAS Flavia's leave semester ends in mid-May; and

WHEREAS her summer will involve teaching a two-week Shakespeare course, moving two households, going to Europe, and planning a wedding; and

WHEREAS she will be teaching a new senior seminar, getting married, and going up for tenure in the fall;

  • That she will complete revisions on her book manuscript
  • That she will send said manuscript back out for review
  • That she will research and write an SAA seminar paper from scratch
  • That she will read the book she promised to review for a journal lo these many months ago
  • That she will work her way through a buttload of primary and secondary texts she should have read in graduate school
  • That she will read novels
  • That she will catch up on good t.v.
  • That she will go to the gym every morning, five days a week
  • That she will meditate for 20 minutes every morning, five days a week
  • That she will not use the internet between the hours of 1 and 8 p.m., five days a week
  • That she will not bore the living shit out of her blog readers with too many lists like these.


Doctor Cleveland said...

So let it be written. So let it be done.

Psycgirl said...

That's a pretty big deal - good luck!

Unknown said...

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!

Susan said...

I think you should allow *bad* TV, and *bad* novels...

What Now? said...

Wow, that is quite the list of resolutions. Good luck!

CattyinQueens said...

Wow, I'm totally floored by that internet one. I can't even imagine...but I guess being on leave makes that one sort of imperative. I will consider it when I'm on leave in the Fall of next year. I am looking forward to hearing how this works for you! I often wonder what I could accomplish simply if Gawker.com went under. I can't imagine having no internets at all for that many hours (would probably mean I'd just tack them on at the end of the day into the early morning!)

I need to write my SAA paper from scratch too--second thing I've had to write from scratch since December. Fun and scary.

Flavia said...

Susan: the sad truth is that I don't like bad novels or bad t.v. (though I enjoy trashy magazines in limited doses). I have relatively mindless pleasures, like rewatching or rereading old favorites that I don't have to pay much attention to (Sex & the City or Evelyn Waugh's novels), but that's not quite the same thing.

Catty: Dr. Virago introduced me to LeechBlock, a Firefox extension that blocks specified sites for whatever hours you program. It's awesome. (And/but I've now realized how much of my internet behavior is predicated upon intermittent surfing, all day long--it's really not that much fun to hang out on the internet for an hour or two, all in a block, early and late in the day. Nothing happens!)

medieval woman said...

awesome list - go for it!