Friday, September 03, 2010

Back at it

Having done scandalously little course-prep over the summer (including for my new M.A.-level class, on a topic about which I don't know nearly enough), the lead-up to and first few days of classes promised to be a challenge.

In the event, it was more dire than I expected, seeing as a) I came down with a bad cold on the first day of classes, which b) coincided with a freak heat wave. Nothing like teaching in an un-airconditioned classroom, with the sun streaming in the windows, in 90-degree heat and business attire! And nothing like trying to game-plan a graduate syllabus with a pounding headache and steadily dripping nose.

But I doped myself up, got as much sleep as I could, managed to find something to wear for the second day of classes that was, simultaneously: minimally professional (probably actually a little too dressy/sexy, but whatev; ain't nothing sexy when the wearer is hacking up a lung), extremely lightweight, and incapable of showing sweat stains.

So I survived. And I think my classes will actually be pretty great. But the best part of the week was that--not having taught a Monday/Wednesday schedule in years--I forgot Labor Day existed. Unexpected six-day weekend!

How's it with you-all?


DDB said...

I have a lab class. It was 100° F in the lab at 10 AM, without any of the heat-generating equipment running. Facilities and I will be having a conversation, LOL.

Ruviana said...

Sounds like my day except I don't have a cold. What precisely constitutes "business" attire anyway? I had visions of wool suits and icky little ties!

Flavia said...


I typically wear a suit the first day or two of classes--a stylish one, and with funky stockings/jewelry or whatever, but still a suit. (And I often wear suit separates--just the trousers or the skirts, with sweaters etc.--during the rest of the term.)

But on Monday I had to abandon the jacket, and even in a very lightweight wool skirt, sleeveless knit top, and barelegged, I was pouring sweat.