Saturday, August 21, 2010

What fun is not

Among the things that fun is not:
Giving your cat antibiotic eyedrops twice a day for a week;
concurrent with
Giving you cat anti-inflammatory eyedrops twice a day for two weeks;
followed by
Giving your cat a topical de-wormer;
concurrent with
Giving your cat two antibiotic pills a day for ten days;
partly concurrent with
Giving your cat two droppers of liquid antibiotic twice a day for two weeks;
with all of the above periodically interrupted by
Wrangling your cat to and from the vet to have cultures taken from eye, eyelid, and throat;
Being forced to look at a GROSSLY INFECTED and HUGELY MAGNIFIED cat eye on a computer monitor.

On the positive side, my idea of fun has now so seriously deteriorated that not doing all of the above feels like a party.


squadratomagico said...

Oh dear! I hope your kitty is okay! I do know how hard it is to give them medicine, though... sometimes they really fight you.

Best wishes for her speedy recovery.

What Now? said...

Perspective is everything!

We wound up giving our beloved elderly cat subcutaneous liquids twice a day for the last year of her life, and somehow that just became part of the routine.

I hope the kitty is on the road to recovery soon, helped by all of your labors.

Sisyphus said...

Eeeeeew! Poor kitty! Poor Flavia! I hope you're still in one piece after all that catching and pill-ing and eyedropping. And I hope the kitty gets better (and that you don't have to look at humongous infected cat eyes).

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

It hasn't been quite that bad here, but clearly there's something going around the blogosphere's cats.
^ ^
. .
> - <

Dame Eleanor Hull said...

Wow, that catface came out way off-center. Sorry.

Susan said...

If it were my cat, I'd have no arms left...
Hope the kitty gets better, though. Soon.

Flavia said...

Thanks, all. We have a few days left on the liquid antibiotic and will have to have him retested in 6 weeks--but we went to the vet yesterday and everything looks good.

We were told midway through that he'd definitely need surgery on his eyelid--assuming he didn't have cancer! or feline herpes!--so we're getting off easy. He's a pretty compliant patient, but. . . two weeks with a cone-shaped collar around his head? Seriously unfun.

Historiann said...

Can you post the photo of the magnified and infected cat eye? That sounds pretty cool.

Renaissance Girl said...

Can I just plead with you to ignore Historiann's request? Pretty please?

The Bittersweet Girl said...

Awww ... poor kitty.