Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Desperate products call for desperate measures

Them what knows Flavia knows she don't drink vodka--and that she is, in fact, a bit of a snob about it. She drinks gin, boys. And whiskey.

Okay, she might drink vodka on the rocks if there's nothing else in the house--but she's of the opinion that most vodka drinkers, even or especially those who are so emphatic about only drinking Grey Goose, or Belvedere, or whatever, are fond of vodka primarily because it doesn't taste like alcohol once they mix it in with a bunch of sweet, fruity, girly shit.

So this feature, at Jezebel, delighted her extravagantly (click on each of the thumbnails for the full image and the hilarious commentary). It confirms all her prejudices, and she likes it when that happens.


meg said...

I believe we've had this conversation, have we not? And over gin martinis, I seem to recall.

Points to anyone who can think of pervy/raunch gin ads. Apparently flavor begets taste.

Flavia said...

Meg: yes and yes. Mebbe a repeat at MLALA?

I can think of only one icky gin ad--it's a recent one with Hugh Hefner looking on as two bunnies appear to be getting aroused as they gaze at a bottle of Tanqueray.

But generally, I do think gin and whiskey ads are quite different from ads for vodka (and rum). They seem to be trying to sell the consumer on an ideal of connoisseurship, refined tastes, etc.--not the expectation of having a wild night and getting totally wasted, bro!.

Lucky Jane said...

I'm so delighted you read Jezebel. I always feel a bit sheepish when I chime in as a student is talking about something blogged there.

And I'm totally with you on (against) vodka. And gin.

Flavia said...


I know you're with me--I was thinking as I wrote of the comments thread on your post of what, about a year ago? It's responsible for my swearing off Bombay Sapphire. (Though I still miss the pretty blue bottles.)

dhawhee said...

That. is. hilarious. I once lost a bet with a chef friend that grey goose tasted different than rail vodka. After my blind taste test, I went back to gin. Love hendricks.

Prof. Koshary said...

Although, to be fair, serious vodka drinkers like my dad use Grey Goose, etc. in dry vodka martinis. Come to think of it, most of the men in my family will happy drink straight vodka on the rocks.

That said, I'm a whisky man at heart. Dad still doesn't get it.

Prof. Koshary said...

Ahem...that should have read "...will happily drink..."

I promise you, I'm sober as I write this.

Flavia said...

Prof K: oh, sure. And I'm part Polish, so I shouldn't be dissing on the national drink. But vodka ads aren't aimed at your dad, I'm pretty sure. Na zdrowie!