Friday, November 20, 2009


Cosimo and I are headed to my alma mater to attend this year's Big Football Game. I missed it last year for a conference, but otherwise I've gone every single year since I matriculated; among my friends, it's become a reunion weekend.

The catch: Cosimo is an undergraduate alumnus of that other school: the one we're playing, and the center of all that is evil in this universe.

Luckily, over past games, I have consistently proven myself a model of charity and temperance.


Zachary Lesser said...

as I recall, Cosimo's alma mater is not situated in a town with my favorite restaurant in the world. So you win.

Miss Self-Important said...

A pity that this silly game doesn't happen more often, so the libraries at Cosimo's alma mater could be vacant every weekend.

Flavia said...

Z: and only, alas, in that respect did I win.

(Went there and ordered your recommended dish, btw--though either from inattention or from short supplies they modified it slightly so it wasn't as amazing as the first time I had it; still good, but not quite top-chef-episode good.)