Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boring technical update

I've been told off and on that some readers have had trouble subscribing to my blog's feed. To the best of my knowledge, this problem only affects Mac users, and only those using certain feed aggregators or subscription services (Bloglines, I think, works fine for everyone).

One solution: This blog has an Atom rather than an RSS feed, and it's routed through Feedburner, which means its address isn't intuitive. But most people who have had problems subscribing should be able to plug http://feeds.feedburner.com/FeruleFescue into your subscriber or aggregator or feed folder or whatever and have the problem resolved.

If you're still having trouble after trying that, though, could you let me know? I'm mostly technically incompetent, but I'd like to know the extent of the problem. More importantly: if you yourself ARE technically competent, are there other fixes you'd suggest or changes I could make?


hypatia said...

Thanks a million! That solved my problem.

G-Fav said...

Hi -

Yeah, I'm a Mac user on Safari who had a problem getting your feed, when suddenly it started working several months ago. My RSS bookmark folder uses this URL for your feed, with success:



RageyOne said...

I use Mac & Windows and I don't have a problem. I use Google Reader though.

priscian said...

Point anyone who has problems directly toward the URL for the RSS feed—which looks like it automatically gets redirected to the FeedBurner URL that you gave above. So I'm just confirming that you gave the correct solution; if anyone still has trouble, he or she should find a new blog reader.

Tenured Radical said...

It's a miracle! Now fix Bitch Ph. D. for me!

Are you taking a research trip to Shoreline this summer? let me know.

Anonymous said...

Just another data point: I'm a Mac user who reads you on http://netvibes.com/ (another aggregate site), with no trouble (Firefox, though I think it also works fine on Safari). Also using the URL:

dance said...

My problem was just finding the URL to click on---as I said, usually Firefox shows me a button, but not for yours. So one thing you could do would be to add the feed URL as a link in the sidebar (which I just remembered to do myself).

But I also just used the info here to add rss.xml in the address bar to subscribe to Blogenspiel, where I had the same problem. Ditto for BitchPhD. And once I hit enter on any feed URL, my reader (NetNewsWire) automatically takes over.

dhawhee said...

yes ,yes, this seems to have worked. and the problem affected me, a pc user. now i get to read my favorite blog more regularly (it's the reason i am only now finding this, ironically). thanks!! hooray!