Monday, May 19, 2008


Using tools fashioned only from gum, paperclips, and a rollerball pen, I have dug my way out of grading jail. Nero is pleased:

During my incarceration, I learned some interesting things.

Thing One:
[Redacted, to protect the guilty.]
Thing Two:
Psychotropic drugs and Milton appear not to mix.


Renaissance Girl said...

O my lordy, how hilarious. And *I* have learned recently that Philip Sidney was secretly a champion of Catholicism.

Susan said...

Please tell me that thing one was NOT all in one paper. It makes me dizzy. And, by the way, I don't think psychotropic drugs would make it better!

Flavia said...

Susan: oh yes. That's one contiguous paragraph. The rest of the paper isn't great, but it isn't TOTALLY INSANE, either. (Colonialism, modern banking, and the Lord's Prayer appear nowhere except in this paragraph--guess you can't leave 'em out!)

And I didn't mean that I was doing psychotropics--rather that that was the only explanation I could imagine for the paragraph's existence.

And RG: that's some seriously crypto crypto-Catholicism we're talking.

Sisyphus said...

It's a cute kitty! Look at him lolling about!

As for the other: do you have Ron Paul supporters in your class or something? Hmm.

Doctor Cleveland said...

I believe the paragraph in question was plagiarized from one of my undergraduate papers, "Transcendental and Ecumenical Finance in Paradise Lost." I've been robbed!

Also, as is well known, Sir Philip Sidney was a crypto crypto crypto Catholic, who infiltrated the Freemasons on behalf of the Jesuits, and vice versa.

Anonymous said...

I'm really close to putting "one idea per paragraph" in 72pt on a bright green flyer and handing it out to all my students.

Meansomething said...

Far more original and interesting than some of the things I have "learned" lately!

Flavia, I've tagged you for a meme on my blog. I hope you get a chance to participate.

medieval woman said...

hee, hee.....

I love the pillow on your couch, btw!