Friday, February 22, 2008

A dream deferred

In case you're wondering?

The description "whiskey-voiced" is entirely accurate.

If you have, let's say, gone out three nights in a row and had, let's say, three or four glasses of whiskey each of those nights, you will wind up with a huskier and more sultry voice than you began with.

And if you were already a low alto, this might just make you start contemplating a career as a blues singer.

Until you recall that, oh yeah: you can't carry a note in bucket, or even a totally cute handbag.

Professing literature it is.


DrOtter said...

Oh yeah, whisky voiced is the thing, and I have a pretty low voice to begin with...

Sisyphus said...

Ha! Happy birthday week indeed!

BTW, "whiskey voiced" actually comes from Prohibition when people drank bad homemade gin and it ripped up their vocal cords --- I think Bricktop had this happen. So go sultry, but don't go drinking the bad stuff and end up blind or something!

Jack said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jack said...

You've seen the name I'm posting comments under, no?

And, yes, it's accurate.

Unfortunately for those of us with nasal upstate accents, it never really kicks over into blues singer. Still, a girl can try.

Jack said...

p.s. sorry about deletion. less sexy side effect.

Flavia said...

Jack: Ha! I was pretty sure that was the explanation for your pseudonym, but am glad to have my speculation confirmed.

(Next time we hire? Candidate dinner at ND. And there's only one correct order.)

And Sis: I did not know that. Thanks for the explanation. . . and the warning.

Unknown said...

Whiskey-voiced is sexy. Tallulah Bankhead was whiskey-voiced. I rest my case.

MountainLaurel said...

I have a great cure for your inability to carry a tune. Make sure that your audience is drinking as much whiskey as you are (preferably more). My voice is of the "the more you drink, the better I sound" variety.