Friday, June 02, 2006

Moving on up

I have an apartment!

I haven't wanted to jinx the process, so I haven't discussed my apartment-hunting trip or the place I'd set my heart on--but since my credit and reference check has gone through and the landlord and current tenant seem okay with my preferred move-in date, allow me share my enthusiasm for a moment.

You will recall that I currently live in a studio; in fact, I've lived in studio apartments ever since I graduated from college, and although my current place is the nicest in that series--large and lovely and quirky in ways both good and bad--I have long harbored a dream: the dream to live in a place with more than one room.

Well folks, that dream has now been realized.

Here are the specs: my new place is a beautiful one-bedroom with a full kitchen, a small separate study, and a balcony out back. It has 13-foot ceilings and enormous windows, including a big bay window with a windowseat. Original Victorian moldings and floors (hardwood and tile) throughout. Oh, and? It's in the city's leafy, lively arts district: across the street from one museum; two blocks from another; three blocks from a third.

And of course, it's only 70% of what I'm currently paying in rent (and 55% of what my landlady intends to charge the tenant who replaces me here).

So~~let's hear it for economically depressed regions remote from other major cities!


Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Congratulations. Isn't it so much easier to imagine yourself living in a new region when you can picture yourself in your new home?

phd me said...

A round of applause! It sounds wonderful and positively expansive following all those studios. Enjoy!

Bardiac said...

Congrats! Sounds GREAT!

Tiruncula said...

Sounds gorgeous! I'm jealous. (I won't mention heat at the start of summer :) Is it an apartment in a house, or a small apt building?

Dr. Virago said...

So~~let's hear it for economically depressed regions remote from other major cities!

Hear hear!


kermitthefrog said...

Windowseat -- fantastic!

jo(e) said...

That sounds wonderful.

RageyOne said...