Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Good News/Bad News: Christmas Edition

Good News: I got back to the family homestead with spectacular ease on Monday night--both my flights were more or less on time and more or less uneventful.

Bad News: my luggage wasn't so lucky. It got routed not to Northwest City, but to Barcelona. It's unclear where it is now or when it will reach me.

Good News: I packed a sizable carry-on, in which were most of my toiletries, my clothes for MLA, and my jewelry.

Bad News: my checked luggage contained all my shoes, the power cord for my laptop, and my Christmas presents.

Good News: looks like now I have to make a trip to DSW!

Bad News: I left Cha-Cha City with temperatures in the teens and two feet of snow. . . and found the same conditions when I arrived here.

Good News: in Northwest City, it's gorgeous; even in the 'burbs we're hemmed in by hills and towering evergreens. And I can't remember the last time we had a white Christmas.

Bad News: did I mention the hills? And the fact that Northwest City is ideologically opposed to salt and to snowplows with metal blades (you know: the ones that actually work)? We haven't gotten mail, UPS, or newspaper delivery in days.

But we're all here, and able to get off our particular hill as necessary (albeit with a struggle). There are agreeable smells emanating from the kitchen. And this year we have power! So it's a merry Christmas indeed.

Wishing the same to you and yours~~


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the luggage, that sucks! But that photo is AMAZING!

RageyOne said...

Barcelona! Wow! That's some serious re-routing of luggage.

Glad *you* made it there safely. Enjoy the family and stay safe.

Pamphilia said...

At this point, the only good thing that could possibly come out of your luggage's trip to Barcelona would be for it to be returned to you full of more (Spanish) shoes.