Wednesday, December 31, 2008

MLA Day Three: fuck it

I intended to write at least one more MLA post, but you know what? I didn't have the time when I was there and I don't have the time now--and, like Sisyphus, I found the whole experience rather un-MLA-ful, what with the beautiful weather and the being in the heart of the tourist district and the fact that I was neither presenting nor interviewing. It was basically a $600 vacation during which I saw a few papers, reconnected profitably with a mentor, and hung out with a ton of friends who just happen to be academics. So apologies, but I expect the snark (by which I mean: my detailed and trenchant insights) will return in the year ahead.

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Doctor Cleveland said...

You know what? I had things to do, but it still felt unlike MLA, or like the MLA's little-known benign twin: lobbies full of old friends, good restaurants at every hand, and not much to worry about. I think it's a San Francisco thing.