Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ah, the comforts of home

Well, I finally arrived at the family homestead at 3 a.m. on Saturday, Pacific Standard Time (which was, of course, 6 a.m. my time), after a journey that I will not trouble to recount. But the real fun was just about to begin: after a massive windstorm tore through the region the previous day, my folks (and some 1 million other residents) were without power.

And indeed, some 72 hours later they (we) are still without power. And it's below freezing at night. Luckily, we have a fireplace upstairs and a woodburning stove downstairs, which has the added advantage of allowing us to boil water and warm food up on it.

But oh, it's cold. And we have no more hot water. And it gets dark damn early here.

And in case y'all were wondering? Plucking one's eyebrows by candlelight? Really, really hard.

I have a newfound respect for the pioneers.


dhawhee said...


but the wireless access is still dependable? see, the pioneers didn't have it so bad.

Flavia said...

Alas, I'm camped out with my brother in a local coffeeshop that has free WiFi.

I think I may be spending a lot of time here if our power doesn't come on really, really soon.

medieval woman said...

wow - you got stuck in that one, eh? Hope you guys have power back on soon!

Btw, why were plucking your eyebrows? Aren't you home for Xmas?? Or it might just be me who lets their brows go shaggy at home...(tee, hee)!

Stay warm! E-mail me if you'd like to meet up at MLA!

Tracy said...

I'm so sorry you're stuck in that mess, Flavia! I have relatives in that area, too, and it sounds horrible.

Take care, and stay warm!

Quinn said...

No wonder the pioneer women so often were plagued with unibrow!

Luckily, the side benefit of my actually completing my dissertation is that I was at graduation a thousand miles away when my town lost power!