Friday, December 29, 2006

Socializing! (MLA Day 2)

Oddly, although I went to three panels yesterday and will be attending three tomorrow, there was only ONE panel today that I wanted to attend (okay, let's be honest: I didn't even want to attend that one, but I had to). Happily, though, that made today my social day: a lunch meet-up with Medieval Woman, coffee with George Washington Boyfriend and another grad school friend, drinks with DHawhee, the always-rocking INRU reception, loafing around in a hotel suite with a couple of other grad school friends, and then dinner with a ridiculous number of bloggers, including Mel, Horace, Nels, Dr. Crazy, Bitch Ph.D., Scott Eric Kaufman, and Michael Bérubé. (Why they let me come along, I don't know.)

Needless to say, too many drinks were drunk, but the whole thing was fabulous.


And while I'm on the subject of drinking: when I arrived in town late on Wednesday GWB was already in our room, hanging out with a friend from his other discipline, who'd never been to MLA before. I dropped my bags on the floor and immediately whipped out the bottle of Scotch that I'd been lugging all that way. She declined a drink, and then observed how unlike her usual conferences the MLA was. . . and how telling she found it that all the informational materials highlighted the "Friends of Bill W" meetings scheduled throughout.

I have no idea what she was trying to say, either.


Professor B said...

C'mon Flavia - surely you must know that "Friends of Bill W" is code for AA?

Wikipedia link

Hieronimo said...

I took that to be the point of the joke?

Flavia said...

Yep. That right there was a joke, Dr. B. (Sheesh. Engineers!)

Professor B said...

Ok, Ok - sorry! I should have known better. ;-) I've known people though that didn't know it was 'code', and didn't know myself until a year or so ago.

Sheltered country boy I guess. Sorry to be Captain Obvious. ;-)

Happy New Year!

medieval woman said...

I didn't have a clue what that was about!! But my brain was on the sauce for most of the MLA! :)

It was awesome to have lunch with you!!

Happy New Year!