Wednesday, October 11, 2006


This situation has ended happily for all concerned. Student left a wealth of additional materials (none of them bombs) in my mailbox, with sticky notes explaining each one. One of the top notes contained the sentence, "I apologize for getting so upset." When I emailed her to tell her that everything checked out and I was signing off on her requirement, she sent me a very gracious message back.

(But I told her I'd hold onto her notebook for her, so she'll have to come by my office to pick it up. I want to see what this girl looks like!)


Ianqui said...

Heh. Apparently a little smackdown goes a long way.

Salome said...

Now THAT is genuinely good to hear.

And face-to-face is always a good strategy -- often reduces the most appalling of e-mailers to quivering 12-year-olds.

Peri said...

I'm pleased she's backed off. Hopefully she will continue on track but less cocky.

I'd have to scope her out, too. One does wonder what face goes with that attitude!

Anonymous said...

sounds like an uptight uber-perfectionist who (in her mind) is sick of dealing with people so much less serious and important than she!

... little did she know.

way to tame the beast.


AL Grad said...

Have you tried looking it up in Facebook? You have her full name and her previous school.

Anonymous said...

ooh, good call on the facebook. If you want me to look her up, drop me a line with the info and I'll pass you along a copy of whatever I find. Since, last I checked, you were not so skilled in the fine art of Facebook-fu.