Sunday, July 22, 2012

Very special, very unique

I probably wouldn't read the New York Times wedding announcements if I expected to find nothing in them to mock, but I don't read them solely to make fun of them. In fact, they've provided me with much useful information over the years.

But of all the ridiculous things that people do with or reveal in their wedding announcements, nothing entertains me more than the earnest attempts some couples make to "create new traditions" or cobble together meaning out of traditions that are not their own.

Today's winners: a coupla white folk getting married in a "traditional Inca ceremony" presided over by a shaman.


Comrade Physioprof said...

PhysioWife and my wedding was announced in the NYTimes. It was more like "Ivy League douchebagge son of businessdouche marries Big Ten douchebagge daughter of other businessdouche with political connections in douchey resort beach town. Douchebagge federal judge who barely beat ethics charges presided over the ceremony and then all the douchebagge friends and family got fucken hammered."

Flavia said...

CPP: I think I've been to that wedding! A couple of times! It was awesome. Particularly on accounta the absence of shamans.

Historiann said...

Ahahahahaha!!! Love it.

Hey, CPP: I saw your wedding announcement in the NYT! Fratguy and I didn't even submit ours, because we don't have enough douchebagges in our families, put together.