Saturday, July 28, 2012

Diversifying the portfolio

Because sometimes, poems and plays just don't pay the rent:

(Three guesses whence I've just returned--and, as my dad would say, the first two don't count.)


Susan said...

I hope you saw good plays... Shakespeare Pies should have been good,though what he would have said about the Truck Center? Or the Presbyterian church? Oy.

Flavia said...

Susan: Yes! Much better than last time. A satisfying Much Ado (wonderful Beatrice & Benedick), and a Henry V that was still pretty good even though the actor playing Henry was weak (he was lucky to be part of a v. smart production, with a strong enough cast to carry him).

And yes, the Presbyterian church nicely lays to rest all those questions about his religious proclivities, doesn't it? But my fave is the variety store. Dew worms! Toner refill! Will thinks of everything!

Bardiac said...

Those would be meat pies, right?

Flavia said...


If by "meat" you mean "the ground-up bodies of your enemy's dead children," then yes!

Bardiac said...


Canuck Down South said...

I only just saw this post now, and realized where you must have been--I was there in June, but only saw Cymbeline, which was excellent--very much like WT a couple of years ago.

I also just followed your link to your post from two years ago--which, in some kind of amazing coincidence, was the only other time I've made it to the festival...and I was suitably gratified to learn that your opinion of The Tempest and WT matched mine! I didn't even bother with the mainstage production this year, as I was only in town the one night, for Cymbeline, and didn't have time to stay longer. But I'm glad to hear they're better this year than they used to be.