Saturday, November 24, 2007

. . . or to go into the dark.

Augie and I just saw the new digital print of Dr. Strangelove, on the big screen, and I'm deliriously high. I may have to go watch Johnson's "Daisy" ad a few times to cool down.

(Y'all remember my Cold War fetish, right? Still going strong!)


Belle said...

Talk about a timely post! I'm doing a class in the early Jan term - 8 weeks, online - and need some great early Cold War novels. I wanted to use some oldies, but they are all out of print. Any ideas?

If you're willing to share, email me at critterdom at mac dot com!

Sisyphus said...

Heee! You are such a character; I love it. Do you have _Catch-22_ hidden under your pillow?

neophyte said...

Ooohh pretty.

The only time I've seen Dr. Strangelove on a big screen was in good old celluloid, and it was - in an act of brilliant scheduling on the part of the Petri Dish's film students - the Wednesday evening following the 2004 election.

I was jittery for days.

historyprof said...

I just showed my students a few clips from "The Atomic Cafe" and they loved it.

You can see the "daisy" commercial or any presidential commercial from 1952 to 2004 at a great site, the living room candidate dot com. You'll especially enjoy the "housewife" ads from the 1956 campaign.

Flavia said...


Yes, I love that site! I blogged about it last year, actually, and usually use it with my composition students.

And Belle:

Have been meaning to email, but haven't had a chance yet (all that grading I put off for five days. . .). I don't have good book recs, but I was actually going to mention the Living Room Candidate site that HP just did (in addition to "Daisy," Reagan's "Bear" ad and Mondale's ridiculously long one, the name of which I've forgotten, are great), as well as some other pop-cultural stuff.

One of my obsessions, for YEARS now, has been with references to the atom bomb in mid-century popular music. . . but I'm sure that someone with an actual degree in, say, AmStud, has probably already written a book on the subject!