Sunday, November 11, 2007

Not dead yet, but working on it

Apologies for this unannounced and unanticipated blog hiatus; I'm in the midst of what appear to be the two most frantic weeks of a semester that was already in overdrive--helped not at all by my having gone out of town THIS weekend for a conference and going out of town NEXT weekend for Big Football Game.

But! I met and re-met a number of lovely people at said conference--both bloggers and others--some of whom I'm already looking forward to seeing again at MLA.

Expect a return to blogging over Thanksgiving break, although possibly not before. In the meanwhile, feel free to use the comments section to promote less obscene cheers with which I can exhort INRU's team to victory, berate them for failure, or otherwise amuse or embarrass those around me.


meg said...

Alternatively, we could use the comments section to see if there's any interest in a blogger get-together at MLA...

Flavia said...

Oh! We could indeed. I think Dr. Crazy's working on that one, but I'll definitely either post something calling all non-Crazy-reading bloggers out of the woodwork in Dec., or direct them to her, or something.

(I'm assuming you'll be there, M. . . ?)