Saturday, October 13, 2007

Governed by imperatives

Many years ago Victoria observed, mid-phone call, that my life seemed to be "governed by imperatives." (I believe this was approximately one sentence before or after she commented that I have a classically addictive personality.) And I suppose that's true--I have a long mental list of things I must know and must do and must have (some of them regularly, some of them soon, some just at some point before I die): travel and foreign languages and stationery and social skills and movies and housewares and beauty routines and cocktails and clothing. . . and on, and on, and on.

This weekend, however, at least half of my imperatives are of a much less self-improving, beautiful-life-living sort: it's RU's fall break (read: a six-day weekend), and I have 50 papers to grade and research proposals to write and a windshield to replace and--hey! did I mention those 50 papers?

So blogging may slip down that list of imperatives, somewhere beneath going to the mall (lipstick!) and catching up on several weeks' worth of magazines (cult-chah!) and joining friends for a drink or three or five.

But rest assured that y'all are among those imperatives. I'm just juggling some others, is all.


Anonymous said...

wow, i am impressed that you are able to wait to read your mags! i am so incapable of doing that...

Tiruncula said...

Windshield replacement - oh noes! I hope the weekend does manage to include the lipstick and magazines, whatever else happens.

Flavia said...

JustMe: Oh, it's not about willpower--it's just about not having the time! And actually the glossies I generally do read within a day, since I can often dispose of them in an hour. It's the content-heavy ones, like the New Yorker, that start to pile up.

And T: it's surprisingly not a big deal. My insurance covers glass for free, and they're *sending someone to my house* to do the job on an afternoon when I'm at home. Apparently it only takes an hour.

(And I'm off on my lipstick road trip with Evey in a coupla hours, having graded 25 comp papers yesterday. . . !)