Tuesday, March 20, 2007

For good behavior, or time served, or something

So, spring break is over and I'm coping reasonably well given the havoc that the region's most recent snowstorm wreaked on my plans. (Short version: I was supposed to leave Quaint Smallish City Saturday morning, in plenty of time to make my colleague's famous St. Patrick's Day party; instead, I spent 6.5 hours at the airport trying to talk to an agent, and I had to keep returning in order to get home last night and not miss my classes today.)

But as a prize for, I don't know, not giving up and permanently going on spring break or something, I opened my email today to discover that the MLA abstract that I fully believed was a waste of my time even to write--given that I don't know the well-established panel organizer; that it's not sponsored by an organization that I'm involved in; and that I wasn't sure my proposal fit the topic--got picked up.

Whoo! Chicago in the dead of winter!

Okay, let's be honest: I'm already looking forward to it.


Dr. Crazy said...

Woohoo! Let the planning for Blogger Meet-up MLA 2007 begin! Congrats!

RageyOne said...

congrats! glad you made it back safely.

medieval woman said...

Way to go!

What Now? said...

Congrats on the MLA paper! And on, you know, getting home again.