Sunday, May 28, 2006

More afternoon drinking

Lest you think that this new blog is too serious to feature everyone's favorite Sunday afternoon activity, let me prove you wrong: SO much afternoon drinking today! So much that I couldn't be bothered to get around to blogging about some of the Very Important Subjects that I'd otherwise be blogging about--but we'll get to those tomorrow or the next day.

Today's drinking involved: brunch with HK and Lulu (one mimosa apiece), after which, en route to helping HK return some ludicrously overpriced clothes that her sisters-in-law had convinced her to purchase last weekend, we decided that, really, we could all use another drink. We looked up and noticed that we were within a block of the gorgeous but also rather scary art deco hotel at which, once upon a time, we'd indulged in the occasional drink or afternoon tea (for an idea of the kind of scary lovely looming building that I'm talking about, I refer you to Fritz Lang's Metropolis, or just the original Batman movie). Once we got ourselves seated, Lulu opined that what we really needed was a bottle of Champagne--so economical, when you think about it!--and somehow the extremely frugal HK and the poorer but less frugal Flavia were brought to see the logic of this position. (Full disclosure: I wasn't paying, and thus from my perspective the logic was entirely persuasive.)

Then we continued with our shopping, which consisted pretty much exclusively of returning HKs items and trying on but not purchasing anything additional. Then I ran off to mass. Then as I was on my way home HK rang up and reminded me that I had a bottle of wine with our joint name inscribed on it, and so she came over and we cracked that thing open, ate some very unhealthy food, and caught up on the last six months of our respective lives.

Why can't every Sunday be like this one?


RLM said...

Sounds like a lovely day! The main purpose of this comment, now that I am back from a week of R&R at my parents' house, is to belatedly say hi, congrats on receiving your degree from INRU, glad it didn't rain on your commencement, and well-wishes on your new blog and new identity. (Did I get everything?) :) Hope to see you soon!

dr m said...

So you went to mass half-crocked from champagne? :)