Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Check me out

The traditional markers of success in this profession are well known: a tenure-track job (preferrably at a research school); a long list of publications; tenure; well-paid speaking engagements; adoring fans and fawning book reviews.

But they are as nothing--nothing!--when compared with winning the woodcut caption contest at Blogging the Renaissance.

This one's going on my vita right quick.


medieval woman said...

It might perhaps be a bit odd for me to say, "Flavia-flave, that is one funny early modern wood-cut caption!" - and it is! But forgive my channeling of the late 80s rap scene there for a moment! :) I wanted to congratulate you on the new bloggy digs, the new call sign and on taking home the prize - I have to say (rather cheesily) that the reason I have a blog at all is because I had to register to comment on your La Lecturess blog for the first time. Thanks!

Flavia said...

MW: You totally beat me to the Flava-flav punchline; I've been giggling occasionally over that pontential nickname, and I'm glad I'm not the only dork in the house. I'm also rather touched to learn that I'm indirectly responsible for a blog that I so much enjoy. Aww.

(And congrats to you, too, on your commencement and successful family-wrangling!)

Anonymous said...

hah, I had been amused at the flavia-flave possibilities as well.

but I thought that was just because I had no learnin' in me.


Anonymous said...

You know, being a P.E. fan, I'm so ashamed that the Flavia-flav joke never occurred to me.

Suddenly, I'm remindred of dropping a reference to "Brothers Gonna Work It Out" in the middle of a class lecture on August Wilson. One of my students observed, not quite sotto voce enough, "I didn't know they listened to Public Enemy at INRU."