Saturday, June 07, 2014

Worse than the two-body problem is the two-home problem

We're in the midst of moving selves, cats, and a goodly number of our possessions from Punchline Rustbelt City to Other Rustbelt City. It's not a bad move, as moves go: we're keeping this apartment for next year, so it's just a matter of schlepping a couple of carloads and a vanload back to our house (and then unpacking everything we stored in the attic while the renters were there). And I'm dying to be back home for the summer.

But three of the last four summers have involved some kind of move, most of them logistically complicated ones: 2011 involved moving among four different residences, and last year it was three. In addition to the endless U-Haul and packing-tape drama, each move has involved new decisions about which items to consolidate in one location, to buy in duplicate, or to purge.

And in approximately twelve months we'll be moving again, for the most complicated, expensive, and stressful move of all. (Another three-corner move, but this time with a house to sell and another to buy--and an apartment, a storage unit, and infinite unknowns about timing and money.)

It's too exhausting even to contemplate. Time to pour some wine and watch the cats play with the bubble wrap.


Historiann said...

At least this summer you know that the crazzy is all leading (eventually) to one shared employer & one city, right?

Flavia said...


That's true! But it still feels a loooong way off, with many days & weeks lost to stress and uncertainty (not to mention the actual packing & moving, the house-hunting & mortgage-brokering, etc.) along the way.

Hopefully, though, in 18mos. it will all be over.

undine said...

Flavia, this sounds like a lot of work and a lot of moving (also: a great word problem for Common Core math, as in how many houses has Flavia?). It's all leading to a good place in 18 months, though, and good luck with your moves!

JaneB said...

Good luck getting to the end!

My cat hates bubble wrap but is all about the packing tape... which is funny when she's bowling reels around like hoops, but a pain when she rolls on a bit with some sticky exposed and I have to try and unwrap her... bubble wrap sounds less hazardous!

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Moving is such a pain in the rear. I hope you finally settle in a place where you can stay for a long time after all this! (Or does that pressure to find a permanent place produce more stress?? Eek!)

Susan said...

Wine is the best answer.

Withywindle said...

Flavia, though briefly nettled,
As she purges pots and kettles
Soon will find a place to settle;
In another Rustbelt shtetl.

Concord Fowling Pieces said...

Moving from an apartment to a house last year knowing that'd we'd likely be leaving the state before the lease term was up (and a week before our 4-month sojourn elsewhere) was one of the most stressful things I've ever done. Best of luck in your liminality.

Sisyphus said...

But the good side is that you get to look at cute houses again, pick one out that is even cuter than your current place, and decorate!!!!