Saturday, February 02, 2013

Random bullets of again with the start of the semester

  • RU's spring term starts late, but we're now back in the thick of it. At least it's light past 5.30 p.m. And maybe in six weeks it'll stop snowing.
  • Because we start so late, our job candidates come out pretty much the second the semester begins. I don't know how this is for candidates, but it's a little frantic-making to be photocopying syllabi and dealing with last-minute registration bullshit while trying to be all smiley and welcome-to-our-world!
  • That said, I have the cushiest teaching schedule of my entire career: just two preps, both of them extremely familiar (two sections of Shakespeare's histories and tragedies and a graduate Milton class; though I haven't taught the graduate version in a while, I taught a Milton senior seminar just last term)
  • Despite my anxieties, my Milton class looks great. It's a small class and many of my students aren't lit students (nearly half are creative writers and a couple are in the M.Ed. program), but they're a good bunch with good energy.
  • Somehow I always forget that M.A. students really are qualitatively different from undergraduates. They're both fun groups to teach, but I'm looking forward to how much I'll learn from my grad class.
  • My actual schedule is also awesome: TWTh, with both my Shakespeare classes mid/late afternoon on TTh and Milton on W night. It means going out to campus an extra day every week, but it's much less exhausting.
  • Given the total fabulosity of my schedule, surely I'll have nothing whatsoever to complain about for the rest of the semester. Right?
  • Right?
  • Just you watch.

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CattyinQueens said...

I have my cushiest schedule ever too! very similar, 2 Shax + grad. My grad is a new prep, but still less constant workload than an undergrad class I've taught before. The day I teach only 2 classes almost feels like cheating, though there are LOTS of students in them, so at various points it will mean a lot of grading.

but scheduling makes SUCH a difference! I really think I'd be a different person if my job was like this all the time!