Wednesday, March 07, 2012


For reasons that are mysterious even to the all-knowing Ladies of Sephora, there's been a nationwide shortage of the foundation that I've used for the past year or two, that I adore, and that I'm the more fanatical about because it took me ages to find one that worked after my previous foundation (which had taken me even longer to find) stopped being manufactured.

Not available on-line. Not available in stores. In fact, when I was in NYC a few weeks ago, I went to four different Sephora locations--not with any real expectation that they'd have it in stock, but just to beg the staff for samples.

Finally, in desperation, I found someone selling the stuff on eBay at a 30% markup. So I bought a bottle. A week later finally got in a shipment. I bought another bottle, because you never know. Since I still have a few weeks' worth of samples left, I now have approximately five months' worth in readiness.

And they say that male shoppers are the ones who stockpile.


Doctor Cleveland said...

This, as you tweeted, is a timely post on a burning public issue.

But surely Cosimo never stockpiles grooming products? I'd expect it to be more canned goods, noodles, and beef jerky.

Flavia said...

Dr. C:

You seem to know my spouse very well.

Maybe too well; I suspect you two wouldn't get on at all.