Friday, June 17, 2011

Transitional stage pleasures

We're mid-move (at least in the sense of having closed on our house, ordered appliances, and spent four straight days painting; no actual furniture has crossed either threshold), and as usual I'm half enjoying the endless series of change-of-address notifications that I have to fill out or call in. Each of the five moves I've made since I was eighteen has coincided with a major life change, so even the hassles of moving have always been colored by a sense of newness and anticipation.

With this particular move I'm also adding someone else's name as I update my addresses. And upgrading to a dual museum membership and having both of our names on the utility bill and magazine subscriptions makes the home-buying and the married-getting feel much more real. There our names are together, in print!

I'm keeping my name when we get married, and I have quite strong feelings about that choice. However, the new-life-stage pleasure of writing our names and shared address together makes me understand one reason why so many women are so eager to take their spouse's name.


Sisyphus said...

Yes, but tell us about the _real_ important point --- how are you blending the kitty families?

Flavia said...

Sis: no blending! Both our cats are (originally) my cats.

Though they're obviously happier and better adjusted for having each other, that's not to say they really like one another--so having a much larger domain ought to improve household harmony.

Renaissance Girl said...

Such a nice post. A nice thought. I rejoice in your good fortune.