Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The sorrows of summer school

I'm a third of the way through my intensive two-week Shakespeare class. So far the pedagogical part has been fine: it's great teaching the subject to such a small class, and they're an eager, participatory bunch. I'm even finding the four-hour class periods totally manageable--there's a relaxed summer-camp vibe that comes from the weather, the small class size, and all the time we spend together.

What I am not finding manageable is the part where this shit happens every single day. Each individual day is rather nice. But then there's another one right after it! I'm spending 8-10 hours on this class, every day (even without, ahem, actually rereading the plays), and that's a drag. It's almost like having a real job.


Veralinda said...

I did this once myself: taught a 3-credit class on Hamlet in two weeks (?!) in early summer. It was 4 hours a day of teaching, and easily an equal amount of prep. But I really loved it and the students did too: it was fun to get to look at the thing from every angle without being rushed. It was great--I'd totally do i tagain.

Simplicius said...

How are you handling the writing for the course?

My department is considering offering similarly compressed courses, which is why I ask.

Flavia said...

S: I expect (and have been meaning!) to write more about this class--but the teaching is preventing the blogging about the teaching.

But all three people interested in the details of this class can look forward to 'em, next week.