Thursday, April 01, 2010

More archival goodness: digital Donne

Not a day after my last post, I received this link in my email in-box. It's to "Digital Donne," a website that includes facsimile images of a number of early editions of Donne's poems--including three complete manuscript collections. The site is perhaps not quite as easy to navigate as I'd like, but it's an awesome resource not only for scholars, but also for our students.

As it happens, I'm teaching an M.A. seminar on Donne next fall. You'd better believe I'm already brainstorming lessons in paleography and assignments involving editing and collation.


Renaissance Girl said...

Very, very nice indeed! I'm glad you posted the link!

Renaissance Girl said...

And it IS weirdly hard to navigate, but I'm delighted to see what's there, esp the Westmoreland.