Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry merry, y'all

Here's the deal: I'm out west at the family homestead. I've submitted all my grades. My brother arrived today and in a few days Cosimo arrives--and I'm ostensibly working on my manuscript whilst shopping and eating and engaging in family togetherness.

So no blogging until MLA. In the meanwhile, take a lesson from young Flavia and don't trust that "Santa" guy for a second.


medieval woman said...

Okay, adorable child - I totally jive with the skeptical look on your face. It says to me, "Listen, big guy. Put some red stilettos in my stocking this year or you can kiss your jolly ass goodbye!"

Have a good time with fam and Cosimo!

Flavia said...

Thanks, MW! Same to you & TD.

My folks had us do these photos every single year, so we've got a full collection that gets busted out each holiday season. These two (1977 and 1978) are among the better ones, before first the 80s and then the teen years hit: side ponytails, neon colors, and permed hair ahoy!