Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The past couple of weeks in Flavialandia have featured weather grim even for this time of year and this part of the country: in addition to a heckuvalotta snow and punishing temperatures, we've also experienced what wunderground.com has evocatively described as "ICE PELLETS" (their caps) and "freezing fog." Just what those things are, I don't know--I only recently learned the difference between sleet and freezing rain and can't say I'm the better for it--but I know this: DO NOT LIKE.

This, however, I think I like: in less than 48 hours--or as soon as I grade, oh, 14 more papers, read an M.A. thesis, and write and administer a midterm--I'm off to Italy for 10 days.

If I can find my way to a computer and can come up with something more interesting than "oooh!" to say, I may blog. If not, not.

(In the meanwhile, amuse yourselves with this, courtesy of a gentleman friend.)


RLM said...

Holy cow, thanks for that last link! That's SO FANTASTIC. :) Enjoy your vacation!!!

scr said...

You're going to Italy?

your brother.

PS: I'm leaving next week for 10 days in Atlanta. Trade? Also, email me the info on that brunch place.

Sisyphus said...

Ooh ooh ooh Italy! I'm so jealous! Have fun and I hope you thaw out from all that freezing fog (seriously, WTF, are you living in a Steven King novel or something?)

phd me said...

Oh, Italy - how lovely! Have a fantastic time and soak up as much sun as possible!

Dr. Crazy said...

A. I love the Latin Wikipedia!
B. I hate you for going to Italy when I am spending my break in my stupid apartment ostensibly writing an article!
C. Did you say gentleman friend? Is a gentleman friend anything like a gentleman caller? And what's this with Italy in spring? Italy is a place for lovahs! I am very suspicious... very suspicious indeed (though may also be totally wrong, as am a little wacky from the writing and from being awakened related to potential water heater leaking issues).

Thoroughly Educated said...

Italy! You lucky sod. How is it that I'm on leave all semester and have not arranged to go to any fabulous locations??

Also: I have learned from comparing what's happening outside my house to what wunderground says that ice pellets are basically sleet, but sound so much more impressive, and freezing fog is exactly what it sounds like. There is fog, and everything it dampens, including roads, becomes covered with ice. We had some yesterday morning. It was very pretty, actually.

medieval woman said...

I've dug myself out of the drifts of snow in Dutchmanland to say - ENJOY YOUR TRIP TO ITALY!!!!

Have fun, drink much wine, and bring home a gorgeous Italian...anything.

Flavia said...

Oh, nothing gets past the Crazy!

I am, in fact, going to Italy alone. But I think a gentleman friend is equivalent to a gentleman caller--minus Amanda Wingfield.

Renaissance Girl said...

LOVE the latin wikipedia. i'm panting with envy about italy---rsa is there in a couple of years and i'm determined to go. take notes. in whatever language seems most appropriate.

What Now? said...

Freezing fog is just wrong.

Have a delightful time in Italy -- how fabulous!

And I'm pleased to hear about the gentleman friend. And thank goodness for Dr. Crazy, because I would have entirely missed the gentleman caller overtones.