Sunday, September 16, 2007

Simile of the week

Courtesy of G-Fav, whom someone once described, not inaccurately, as "pure Dada":

"It's like having a conversation with the typeface Helvetica."


G-Fav said...

Hah! How did my prose-of-an-engineer manage to break through your literary firewall to get a mention here? My ego is swelled.

That "pure Dada" comment really gave me & J-Fav a great laugh. I wonder who said that; I'm not sure if I need to hug that person or offer a punch to the arm. Man, that really is me, though, isn't it.


ps (Sorry, I don't have any Dada-eqsue comments to add, no inverted urinals today, no Fluxus, etc. etc.)

Flavia said...


Please! McSweeney's doesn't know what it's missing.

And I honestly don't remember who made the Dada remark--it was at the Fergusbergs' old place, during a dinner party, and I think it was either Bugsy (the male Fergusberg, in case you don't have perfect recall for my pseudonyms) or GWXB. But I'd bet you that, whoever made the observation, it came in close proximity to a certain unexpected utterance about cock rings.

G-Fav said...


What? Me? Surely you're mistaken... :-)

I hope someone says something about the renaissance soon to get things back on a more honorable track!