Wednesday, August 01, 2007

No fezzes, but plenty of ululation

I always love weddings, but I have to say that Victoria's was more fun than any I've been to in a long while. For one thing, the bride and groom did an aggressive job of introducing and integrating their many disparate groups of friends and relatives; for another, the setting and weather were gorgeous; and for a third, I suppose that I--being single for the first time in years--was socializing rather more thoroughly with the guests than I otherwise might have been. (All of a sudden, I recalled just why those weddings that I went to when I was 24 and 25 were so damn much fun.)

But part of the good times was surely thanks to the fact that the bride and groom are just Way More Glamorous Than You or I or Anyone We Know. (They are also, in the case of the bride, thinner than anyone we know.) Their guests included large numbers of Egyptians, Brits, Canadians, and other International Persons of Mystery; academics, art dealers, wine-store managers--and most of them smart, interesting, and hilarious. The events surrounding the wedding also went on and on, beginning days before and ending days later and featuring picnics and boat cruises, dining and drinking.

And that's the other reason that I love weddings: the illusion that such a convivial, fancy-dress version of life might always be within one’s reach.


Some images:

Victoria's engagement ring--it's a seal-stone from Persia, dating back to about the seventh century. The image is a wild boar.

Victoria and me, at the garden reception the day before the wedding:*

[Image redacted]

The church:

The couple during the ceremony (the image is blurry and non-representative enough that I'm leaving the faces otherwise unobscured):

[Image redacted]

Just after we all arrived at the reception site--a gorgeous, 1930s deco museum set in an arboretum--a blue heron flew by and settled himseld in a nearby tree. It's hard to tell how big he is, but seriously: he was big.

Victoria and the Mancunian, this time obscuring their own faces:

[Image redacted]

Victoria and me at the reception. I wish I had a full-length photo of my dress, shoes, etc., but trust me when I say that the outfit was beyond fabulous (as, of course, was the bride's).

[Image redacted]

*Photos of persons will self-destruct relatively soon; the others will remain up. ETA: Sorry to those who missed them!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE both your dresses!!!

medieval woman said...

I'm so glad you had a great time - and the dresses do look fabulous with you in them! Where did you get the awesome bottom dress again?? Love the bodice!

Hilaire said...

OMG, yes, that wedding-day dress..stunning. I adore the colour!

Dr. Virago said...

LOVE your dress. In fact, I like it better than my outfit of last weekend! And I still remember Horace saying, when you first posted a picture of the dress, that the cut would suit you well and he was *totally* right. You look *fabulous*!

And what a beautiful and fun wedding! OK, your weekend beats my weekend. The guest at the wedding I attended were all MDs (as were the bride and groom) -- nice, interesting, well-rounded ones, but we still felt out-numbered.

Sisyphus said...

Ooh, those shoes! The little purse! Niiice! (As was the bride's dress and the fancy cape thing the groom is wearing.)

Definitely way more glamorous than me or any of my pals (whose weddings were the "let's redecorate a school gym" reception variety). Sigh.

And I'm sitting at home in my pajamas.

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Oooh, oooh, crowns! I love the crowns! And what a gorgeous veil-with-crown getup! (But basically I just want a crown. And a seventh-century ring!!)

This is a total non sequitur, but I just got my hair cut short and I hate it, but I can't tell how much is the shock of having it short and how much is that it really looks awful on me. Seeing your pics, I think it's close to the length that yours is. Have you any tips on rocking the short hair??

Flavia said...

Thanks for the compliments, guys! And MW: the dress is made by Tadashi, whose stuff I've always admired, but it's pretty pricey. This one retailed for about $400, but was only in stores in boring colors like black. I found this one on Bluefly in this awesome color for a bit over $200.

And NK: there's actually an amusing story about why they had a Coptic wedding--the bride was baptized Coptic (her father is Egyptian) and the groom raised Catholic, but he had too many issues with the church to want an RC wedding. However, as a medievalist, he refused even to consider a Protestant wedding on the grounds that the church was insufficiently ancient or historical or "real" or something. An Orthodox church, though, he was okay with.

And as for the hair: I've had short hair for a long time, but I must admit that every haircut I've gotten in New City has pretty much sucked, and shaken my faith in short hair itself--sometimes it's the shock of the new (how recent was your cut?), and sometimes it's just a bad haircut; I do think that just about anyone can look good with short hair, but it has to be the *right* short cut!

Last time I was in NYC my old hairdresser cleaned up the lines of my bad previous haircut, and I've been in the process of growing it out for the past 6-8 weeks. I'm now pretty happy with the front/top, though I'm still looking for another 0.5-1 inch. . . but the sides/back still need work. They just aren't visible in the photo!

RageyOne said...

Sounds like a good time was had. Beautiful dresses!

Tiruncula said...

Fabulous dresses all around! And I love the cape and veil and crowns, too! It sounds like it was an amazing assemblage of people.

What Now? said...

Ahh, Coptic. That's what I was ducking over to the comments to ask. Well, I wasn't going to venture that far but rather ask "Orthodox of some sort?"

And your dress really was rockin' the bodice action. Fabulous!! Glad you had such a good time.

medieval woman said...

What's "Bluefly"? Is it chock-a-block full of fun and pretty things? Do I need to wander over there??

And NK, your new hair looks completely fab!

Flavia said...

MW: Google it, babe. And hold onto your wallet!

FunnY BeinG said...

What a beautiful engagement ring...

Best wishes :)